For those that aren't familiar with it, Pulp Alley is a game system for a style of adventure fiction called 'pulp fiction', popular through the middle of the last century though it's roots lie in the late 19th century. Everything from Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues under The Sea to the Indian Jones movies would qualify.

In this (mis) adventure my buddy's son just recently painted up some Mandalorians (old Stormtrooper minis with Boba Fett heads) and wanted to trot them out so I took my Abandoned Airstrip table (the build is documented in this thread starting at post 52) over to their house and we set up on the deck.
Three leagues were competing for 'Plot Points'- very much like objectives but challenge must be met before you can succeed in capturing them. Two leagues, Radium Inc. and The Yellow Peril are formed from Bob Murch figures previously owned and painted by our friend Jeff who passed away a few years ago.
Radium Inc:
the Yellow Peril:

And The Deathwatch (aka the Mandalorians):

The objective is for the Deathwatch to get more plot points into contact with the plane than are left on the table. It turned out to be a tough ask for the Mandalorians. Radium Inc and the Yellow Peril push up the table to block The Deathwatch in:
The leader of The Yellow Peril. Feng Shui has to take control of a plot point after one of her minions fails (unsuccessful challenges result in figures taking hits or being knocked down):
The major plot point has spilled from the back of a overturned truck:
Radium Inc pressure the Deathwatch, hemming them in;
At this point it becomes obvious that The Deathwatch have been too passive and even with two turns left in the scenario, despite controlling more plot points, they are not going to reach the plane:
As the sun sets, Mandalorians retreat, and will have to look for another way off this island tomorrow.