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Thread: ACW Terrain: The Battle of Gaines Mill

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    Re: ACW Terrain: The Battle of Gaines Mill

    Thank you Sigur.

    A couple more small hills are necessary; a little generic perhaps but should do the trick. I tried something new with these ones; first, I based them on MDF. I like how it worked so I will do this ion the future. Second I added all the rocks, shrubs and base layer of static grass while the tile adhesive/grout mix was still wet. The mixture takes hours to dry so you have quite a bit of time to apply the organic features and everything stuck wonderfully.

    The next day I added another layer of static grass and lightly sprinkled a foliage mixture for added texture.

    I don't have any ACW minis in any scale so I took a couple of pictures with some 15mm Numidian for scale purposes.

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