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Thread: ACW Terrain: The Battle of Gaines Mill

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    Re: ACW Terrain: The Battle of Gaines Mill

    We have another ACW game coming up next weekend, the Battle of Shiloh, and my contribution will be the area known as "The Hornet's Nest". Accounts suggest that it was fairly heavily wooded; it also features 'The Sunken Road"
    running roughly east to west, intersecting the Eastern Corinth road. Falsely named, it isn't actually sunken; the name comes from the account of a soldier whose brigade in reality didn't even get close to it . Perhaps, un-fun but I modeled it as it actually was not as it is remembered: just a wagon trail.

    To start with, I cut a piece of MDF and glued a few pieces of thin cork in a couple layers to create low undulations as well as the Eastern Corinth road; these were blended together with drywall mud:

    After a layer of coloured sanded grout mixed with vinyl tile adhesive: while it was still wet I threw a layer of ground fir bark over it (carefully avoiding the road and the wagon trail). Some flock, static grass and some shrubs later the base is done:

    Although I had quite a few trees already I made up a few more and borrowed some split rail fences from my Gaines Mill project.

    Looking north up the Eastern Corinth road:

    From the south-east we see the start of the "sunken road" and "bloody pond":

    Looking west along the sunken road from bloody pond:

    In the north eastern corner is Wicker field:
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