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So it wouldn't bother Chaos Legions that an Ultramarine-in-all-but-name is serving in an Iron Warriors force?
Makes them even more chaotic I suppose
Well it probably bothers his 'battle-brothers' to varying degrees on an individual basis, but hey, you've got someone to volunteer to lead the cultists or first wave of the near-suicidal assault. Also it depends what you define an 'Ultramarine' - certainly gene-seed from Roboute Guilliman's bloodline, but if implanted into the youth born of ship slaves who passed candidate screening, who has never so much as seen the worlds of Ultramar, and been raised and indoctrinated into the culture of Iron Warriors, would he really be an 'Ultramarine'? Certainly, he'll have traits like a patrician cast to his features and lacking the paranoia of Perturabo's pedigree, but that probably just makes his 'comrades' want to scar his good looks... besides, enough bionic-implants will fix that.