Alright brothers and sisters of our esteemed hobby, I have joined up with the team planing to create the best painting guide on the web. You can view the thread discussing it here.
I bought a new army this past weekend for about $200 American, and am setting out on a quest to finish most of it by this Monday. What army you ask? A Dark Angel First Company, Deathwing, 1500 points of Terminator goodness. This whole project is going to be an expirement for me, and hopefully will help contribute to the painting guide. I will be recording step by step on how I assemble the army starting here with the basics and setting up the work area.

In this picture you can see the army still in the box, well all but two dreadnoughts which have been salvaged from my Third Company army. The army will consist of one(1) Chaplain in Tactical Dreadnought Armor with a pair of Master Crafted Lighting Claws, two(2) Terminator squads, consisting of five(5) Terminators each, one(1) Terminator Assault Squad of five(5) Terminators armed with Lightning Claws, one(1) Venerable Dreadnoughts armed with an Assault Cannon and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, two(2) Dreadnoughts, one with a Plasma Cannon and Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon, the other with a Lascannon and Missile Launcher. One Terminator squad will be armed with two(2) Assault Cannons, and the other will probably recieve Cyclones Missile launchers. This is a 1500 point army.

Here you can see my water pot, my cleaning tissue, and my Pallette, I know it is hard to see, but you can see the corner of it covered in paint. Also pictured here is my Razorblade knife, you always want to make sure you have extra blades and that the blade is never dull, and a pair of Needle Nose Pliars that you can buy at a Home Depot for relativly cheap.

These are all replacement blades for my second knife(Not pictured). They also serve well as sculpting tools to go along with my normal tools. I bought the set with the knife for $15 American at a Home Depot in my home town.

Here we have my can of Chaos Black spraypaint. I know some of you may wonder why I will be using Chaos Black to basecoat a army that essentially will be a white-bone color. The answer is simple. Using a black basecoat over white helps shadow the model, and in our world of hyper-realism, shadows are very important. Next to the spraypaint is a bottle of Elmers White Glue. Used in applying my basing materials, which can be seen in the Central Market tub infront of the glue. In the Pencil holder is my second knife, my paintbrushes, and two pairs of tweezers with different lengths and styles. Also the the side of the Basing material you can see three bottles of Super Glue. I use Super Glue over Plastic Cement because I'l rather not have my plastics melt to each other, Super Glue can be cleaned up easier if it drips on a model than Plastic Cement because plastic cement melts the plastic to form solid joints. On top of the tub of basing materials is something that I consider one of the most important pieces when modelling. Wire Cutters. I use them to clip the tabs off metal models, and sometimes to remove bitz from a sprue. They are also very helpful in creating rubble or low brick walls. Behind all of these materials you can see a red container with plastic compartments. I really suggest when building an army all at once you use this. You can seperate squads, characters, and assorted bitz for your army by compartment, that way it is all together and you don't lose pieces or get them mixed up.