More progress on the board...

I'm fairly happy with how its turned out though there is still plenty of things I'd change. I think I cut away too much to allow for the hinges and so without the magnetic catch it wouldn't close properly. Also I would have added an extra magnetic catch to both hold it closed and open. Something that still kinda bugs me is all the visible screws on the outside so I am still a little tempted to replace those with dowl at some point. Also, the finish on the hinges is as nice as I'd like but I had a real problem finding some the right size so what can ya do.

As you can see it's got a pretty good surface and just needs dressing. My plan is to cut some foam board to the size of one panel then slice that to half thickness and glue it card side down to the board.

I can then sand the foam to give the board a bit of gentle undulation before adding sand, paint and flock. Part of the reason for using the foam board is to avoid the mowed lawn affect and part of it is to do something about the terrible sound dice make as they roll across it as I am very sensitive to sound due to my Asperger's and can get sensory overload.

Now I have the basic board size I can also start to play around with terrain ideas to make sure they work well with the size of board. I will probably start with some paper templates and go from there.