Sure thing! Got an email saying they would cast up another one - not sure if they'll send a shipping confirmation of it (as the product code no longer exists in the webstore, that might not work), but at any rate I have yet to receive one of those, or the replacement product. Given the lead times of the actual Made to Order sales, it wouldn't surprise me if it took several weeks for the replacement to be cast up though (it's only been a week and a half since the message). Given the typical quality of GW's customer service, I'm sure it'll be solved before too long.

At any rate, if literally true, it means they certainly have the moulds somewhere near, and really merely cast the exact number purchased. Makes sense, as the entire point is to reduce stock just lying around, although it still seems a lot of effort compared to casting just a few extras in advance (as bad casts are bound to occur). Maybe they'll wait some time until after the last figures have been sent out, before retrieving the moulds and make any replacement casts needed all at once?