I thought I would start a new thread for these as they aren't Ultras although they will no doubt be seeing service alongside my Macragge PDF and 2nd Company.

I've already got 1 Knight completed but I've always loved the model and planned to get more.

Then Forgebane came out and I couldn't resist the Armigers, then Renegade came back out and it sorta spiralled....

The idea is that the Armigers are "squires" so share their respective heraldry with their Knight counterpart.

These are the next 2 Knights and first 2 Armigers. The plan is to do another Knight and 2 more Armigers but the army might get bigger...

My lamp has bleached out the photos a bit and the blue is not as light as in the pics but they are lighter than the GW version - with the blue, gold and cream they fit in with my Ultras nicely.

Still WIP and have a fair bit to do but they're getting there and I am really enjoying painting them.