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Thread: Crazy Slaanesh Bike and truescale CSM

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    Crazy Slaanesh Bike and truescale CSM

    Behold! Chaos stuff.

    I love the FW Gal Vorbak kit. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of their parts making truescale CSM. I had originally bought the kit for a big project (more on that later), but between the Gal Vorbak, Zhufor, and some other kits, I’ve gotten results I’m happy with:

    My favorite is the Tzeentch guy

    But the most difficult to make was the Emperor’s Children dude:


    Khorne guy

    Black legion dude, made from Gal Vorbak, Warp Talon, Red Butchers, and Sons of Horus parts

    This dude was the first Duncan tutorial I ever did, except I removed the Nurglings and did all the faces on his back banner as ethereal

    And the original reason I had bought the Gal Vorbak kit:

    This guy will be my biker. It’s important for him to be bare-chested and truscale. Those Gal Vorbak legs are perfect for boil-and-posing him onto the back of his bike, which will be made mainly of 1.5 blood thrones.

    The Khorne icons have been filed off and have begun to be replaced by Slaanesh stuff. The rest of this thread will primarily be dedicated to this bike.

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