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Ah that makes sense.

Ever since 2nd ed I don't think the Avatar has really been properly represented. It was basically a tougher bloodthirster and at T8 nothing except the GUO I think was that tough (maybe a carnifex). It's 2+/4+ armour was great and the wailing doom was a beast. On top of that its immunity to flamer, melta and plasma meant that only krak and las were effective.

Given that GDs are now huge monstrosities, and the poor old avatar model is more than 25 years old, I think it's time it got bigger and badder.
Well, there's a reason I only play 2nd.

At the risk of dragging this thread even further off topic, I'm told that the latest edition of D&D is selling quite well - partly because of pop culture references, but also because the power curve has been bent sharply downward, making it harder to build ultimate god-killing characters.

While the 2nd ed avatar was a beast, it was also killable. Everything was. The new version intrigued me, but not enough to get "current" as they say.

I'll also note that GW is only interested in selling new models, so until they get a shining Uber-avatar, 'legacy' critters will languish.