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    Re: Vigilus Open Day Reveals

    I don't know, there's always been incovenient models to play with, it's nothing new. From the old metal monsters (or fanatics, my favourites) prone to topple at the slightest shake of the table, to the lethal minis (lethal for your arms, like the old goblin spearmen), not to mention the "impossible to rank up" units... things poking out have always been an issue too (dragons on 50mm bases "overflew" from every goddamn direction for instance. Damn horse/wolf tails that would get in the way of everything and, of course, snap at the first occasion? BT whips that would scratch the paint of anything that would come close?). I don't know that you can blame it on new plastics or bigger sizes. Usually these big models come at quite a price (point-wise) too, so what you lose in space by fielding them, you gain by not carrying a unit with most likely a bigger footprint, so I'm unconvinced by that argument too.
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