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none of the stats interact with the chance of hitting in either melee or shooting anymore.

Both WS and BS are no longer compared to other values, they just represent your intrinsic ability to hit something.

Hit modifiers are the only way to modify this. The only way to change the chances of hitting something is to provide a new hit modifier.
Can something be done with the save? Maybe give them slightly higher saves if they move? Or a backstop unmodified 6+ if they move at all due to holofields or something?

My thoughts are twofold:

1. Never create a separate mechanic outside of the core rules if you can avoid it. If you must make a special rule, make it fit within the existing system. So a special save or "always count as being in cover" or something like that is better than the game's only "to hit" modifier.

2. Think about the effect of the rule rather than the procedure. Eldar in 2nd with holosuits got a -1 plus their move, which resulted in significantly less chance of being hit by average troops. You can do the math for total probability of a casualty as well as I can, so the point is to create a similar probability in the new system. Of course if you thought 2nd did do enough, you could shift it, but beware that you don't create a super army without vulnerabilities (which is a recurring issue with GW).

I liked the Eldar in 2nd because they had a very interesting feel. High lethality, high mobility, but very fragile if caught in a bad way. Marines were also outnumbered but tough. The Guard and orks could just suck it up with numbers, but the Eldar really had to be careful because a bad turn of shooting could really hurt them.

One could argue that putting their strength on the "to hit" side of the equation is functionally identical to the "toughness" side, but the feel is very different. Also the mobility bonus rewarded fluid came play, which suited the concept of the fast-moving agile army. I don't know how GW does that today.