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Actually it looks even less like the metal ones, apart from the "not drooping" ears (which looks like bat ears instead). No chin, mean stare, low hanging mouth...
The one on the left is the closest to the metal stone trolls.
Figured out what bothers me most with those trolls. Because, honestly, they're very close to the metal ones, and the faces aren't that bad, I'm pretty sure I could fix them to my own taste with a very light greenstuff job. Nah, it's the weird neck, and the head position. Stone trolls used to have that low neck, starting from shoulder level, and going straight ahead, resulting in the head beinh level with the shoulders. That head position by itself did a lot to make the trolls look stupid. Now they got that... Krogan? like "neck hunch", a higher positioned head, and instantly the look more human, more proud, more fierce. So yeah, trolls ARE fierce. But the first adjective that'll come when you talk about tolls is stupid, not fierce. That new head position is what I don't like about the trolls, it changes them tremendously.
Good point about the head position.
Moving the heads to chest-level would also make the trolls a bit shorter so perhaps they would fit with the old metal models somewhat better?