I like the look of those goblins and would not mind to see more of them.

The sculpts are a technical disaster in my opinion. The feet of the goblins mean their legs are not tensed and they would fall off their mounts in no time. Heels should be down and outward to clamp onto the mount with their knees. The archer is leaning forward again which means you can't draw a bow, that would need back muscles and leaning back. Then there are these mounts with really nice snarls but no neck and a really fat belly for a predator, the hind legs are too thick for a wolf and so on. Sure it is a fantasy wold from a realm where everything has 2 tails, but these do not, so excuse me for expecting some realism.

Regarding AoS in general, from an outside casual point of view it has no direction for anything but pushing sales of miniatures. Nothing new from GW there. As someone who liked FB and moved on to T9A where I can use whatever the hell I like these releases fill me with joy and sadness.
Not because it looks like better versions of old miniatures. O&G(and Oger Kingdoms), aside from those new big orc abominations, is pretty much the old army. Look about that latest undead, how much did we feel like talking about that? Show me some pretty goblins and I am interested, but as nice as they are, they are not good sculpts, at least not "the best miniatures out there"TM.