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I remember when Warseer was a warhammer rumour-mill thing called Portent. First time I've logged back in in literally years, and it looks incredibly quiet. Many boards here seem to have had no activity since last year. Is Warseer dying?
If you've been away, you're part of the problem.

I do agree with you, though. It may be that the topics just aren't driving interest like they used to. Also, social media is sucking in a lot of the younger kids so when the older crowd went away while this was down, less new people replaced them.

I guess the mods would be able to say how traffic is doing overall, but I've noticed that threads topics that once would ignite ferocious flame wars now languish. I do my part when I can, but it's also sad to see that the last comment on a thread came from me months ago. Still, I monitor the place in case something lively pops up.