GW is absolutely dominating at the moment.
While they have made some good improvements some things will always be the same- GW has always been the "Microsoft" (or even the classic BORG) of wargaming. people play it and build communities because of the lore. it keeps them coming or coming back. that coupled with the "I can go anywhere in the world and get a game" has given it the high perch. because no matter how good a game system is if there isn't a community to support it there is no point in the investment of the hobby. I am also not surprised at their profit margin, even though they make fantastic kits they are still horribly overpriced. the jokes about them over costing product and high pressure sales tactics exist for a reason.

I don't see that here, and that's sad.
Well that's kinda the point of this topic- we have loads of positive and interesting topics posted with thousands of views, and nobody leaves a comment either positive or negative.

It seems like media oversaturation, a limited base population moving from a few major forums like dakka and warseer to media overload with dicscord,reddit, GW forums, and other niche sources that offer immediate gratification.

I've been playing 40K since late 3rd edition and I sadly didn't learn my lesson and built something like 8 armies (just look at the picture gallery in my profile) from official GW product. it took me getting burned by 6th edition to really appreciate the variety granted by other systems. while not as mainline popular as 40K- infinity, dust, classic battletech(I have been playing that since 1987), warmachine and so on all play very different than 40K and provide a nice refreshing change instead of just building yet another 40K variant army.