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I think we lost a lot of folks to Dakka when Warseer went down.
That forum is still doing well despite the current rumour climate and GW's long history of price hikes.
I'm sure that's the case. The question becomes: how to get those and others while leveraging the inherent qualitative edge of Warseer?

Reorganizing the forums seems easy, but also highlighting discussions would be another. I know there are other indy designers or people pushing their own rules. Why not do a weekly feature to generate discussion and interest? It would set us apart and maybe attract other people interested in rules discussions.

Seriously, the rules forum was once one of the most busy ones here and now it's totally dead. People view, but don't comment. Doing a feature (say on the splash/entry page) would jazz things up a bit.

As for rumors, I stopped caring 10 years ago or more, because I wasn't buying more GW rules - but I did like the discussions, which is why I came back.

Dakka and other sites always seemed louder and ruder, less open to new ideas and concepts. Warseer was the place where more thoughtful people congregated. Play to that strength.