Module Update - For character levels 2-5

Halls of Valhalla

What did that foul dwarven wizard get us into? Barely had we heard his half-baked story when we awaken in the dwarven, Norse God dedicated halls. What immense power (and treasure) lies within?

Your characters set out to explore and escape from the dwarven stronghold and dedicated Halls of Asgard. The Halls of Valhalla full campaign contains all of the special items you will need:

Campaign Quest Book

Special Item, Potion, Weapon and Spell cards

New character reference sheets and stats (CM panel)

Complete floor plan for all rooms and floors (First level, Lower level and Jotunheim) - 33 Floor tiles utilize the reverse Chateau de Guillant tiles

Trap markers

Recommended for character levels 2-5. Cavern Quest Warriors basic rules and set up required for play.


The group sits exhausted, reliving the adventures of the Chateau over many pints. Well into the night, a stout dwarf approaches and bounces his staff on the already broken tile floor of the tavern to get your attention. As each member of the party’s eyes move in unison to the short dwarf’s figure, you smirk…This might be amusing…

“Is this the group responsible for lifting the Guillant curse? Well, let me provide a round of drink for you all!” says the dwarf.

As a new round of drinks in colorful mugs is put down, you sip a tasty brew. The dwarf strokes his grey-flecked black beard and eyes each of you, as if in careful measurement. Then, with a cheerful twinkle in his eye, he begins.

“What a wonderful story I heard about your adventure! Such an enterprising group could surely help me in my quest, don’t you think? I am Gordel Boldimer, the great dwarven wizard of the Skoldang Clan. We have long worshipped the proper Gods of the world and have dedicated great halls to their honor. In fact, many of the Gods reside within them!”

Quite the animated fellow, this wizard… He continues his story as you enjoy his free drink.

“But alas, the Gods have become very indifferent to humanity and many of our halls have fallen victim to time. And, an infernal Orc infestation, but that is nothing your party should be alarmed about. Why it should be no trouble at all for you to clear the halls for me, er, us.”

Something is not right. How did he know about Guillant when we just got back? You are finding it a bit harder to concentrate as the dwarf goes on. In your increasingly groggy state, you are not quite sure what you are hearing now. Something about if we happen to find a spear along the way?

The last thing you remember hearing is a dark chuckle and the name “Gungnir” before your heavy lids shut entirely…

~ ~ ~ ~

Your head is pounding as you slowly open your eyes. Thank the Gods it is very dark in here, where ever you are. You remember the tavern, the drink, and oh yes, the dwarven wizard. However, as you peel your face from a cold, stone floor, you realize you are no longer in the tavern, nor a nice, warm bed. But, in a hard, stone hall under dim torch light. The heavy stone door behind you is tightly shut and the way ahead looks dark. You can barely make out dwarvish runes carved into the walls.

You desperately try to recall the last remnants of the conversation. So, he wants a spear? Why? And, why does really he need us?

What has that foul dwarven wizard gotten us mixed up into?