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    Re: Lost Egg Dabbles in 2nd Edition 40k...

    Two more Battle Brothers for the cause!

    Here's the Squad so far...well more like a Fire Team I guess

    Again the flash has reduced the subtlety of the black armour.

    I have started using a new matt varnish which is simply's actually matt! It's called Ultra-Matt Lucky Varnish by Ammo mig. The varnish seems a little thin but as I say its actually matt with no sheen, unlike all the other 'matt' varnishes I tried. It was recommended by Lindybeige on his Facebook page and its spot on.

    Next up I am having a slight hiatus for a couple of days as I try to finish Zelda Spirit Tracks on my DS...its not a great game but I am almost done and my son, who is also playing it, is eager to finish too. Hopefully it will only take a couple of days at the most but either way I will start playing about with both the next two marines this coming week but also a bit of terrain, I think I will have a crack at a small cluster of rocks...
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