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Thread: Effcee's WFB 4th Ed Orcs & Goblins

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    Effcee's WFB 4th Ed Orcs & Goblins

    It's been a while, but I'm back with a new Warhammer Fantasy Battle PLog. This time Orcs & Goblins. O&G were one of the first armies I ever collected and I have very fond memories of them. It was this nostalgia that led me to rebuild the army I had back in the early 90's, but bigger.

    I originally was going to stick to Kev Adam's characterful sculpts only, but once I needed to add Boar Boys and Savage Orcs I realised that Brian Nelson and Alan Perry had a part to play also.

    I'll kick things off with the work completed so far on the core of my army, Orc Boyz.

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