I'm wondering how they stack against the official warbands for the sake of balance. For the most part I'm involved with a pretty laid-back gaming group so there shouldn't be too much of an issue.

to my knowlage, the official warbands are Averlanders, Beastmen, Carnival of Chaos, Dwarf Treasure Hunters, Kislev, Orks, Osterlanders and all of the ones from the book. And, while that does offer a lot of choice. we can still be picky if we want to.

I'm just wanting to hear from people who played either the Lustria or the Khemri setting. And, from those who made wacky warbands like the Pirates, The bandits of Stirwood forest, the Skaven of Clan Pestilence or the Amazons. They are probobly pretty balanced against each other, but how well do they fair against the ones from the main book.

I have a friend who plays Shadow Warriors, one who going to do Lizardmen, another who could field Tomb guards of Khemri, and I am going to play Teleans.