Ok so I´m up to a new try to complete a army. This time it is a space wolves army and I´ll start like this.


I´m not going to do any army list but I will instead let the army build it self . I´ll start with a 10 man strong grey hunter pack, I´ll count the points and add them to the army list and then I´m going to build whatever I want to and add that to the list and so on. (I really hope you understand my english isn´t the best....)

Painting and conversion

I´m going to do industrial bases with snow to get fitting theme with the new COD rules. Here´s a test base without snow so far


I´ll go with a dark scheme starting with shadow grey then layerd to space wolves grey and a final crisp highlight in 50/50 sw grey ,skull white. the shoulder pads will be dark flesh with highlights in darkflesh/bleached bone. Trim on shoulder pads is a tricky one I´m not sure on black or bronze or grey :confused: so any ideas would be good.


The poses will be converted so they are more "on the attack" as I like the SW to be. They will weild axes and more of viking weaponary (if I´m able to do any) lots of bare heads with hair/beards. Fur and neckleses will be added as well. Any ideas are very welcome.

Well I got about
20 marines ( well I´m not sure yet)
3 bikes
1 land speeder
3 terminators
1 land raider
4 servitors
and alot of more junk so I´ll try and make something of it

Test mini

so here´s my first mini only converted and right now undercoated to
His name is Edin (I´ll propably name everyone of em)

++ Well C&C very appriciated over and out ++