Hi everyone

Today I was having a look through the 7th Edition book and decided to check a few of areas I though clarification would have been included. One of these is the autobreak rules.

I think the intension is of the new rules is to have you only break when you are outnumbered by the fear causers, not just out numbered.

However the wording is outnumbered by the total fear causeing units in combat. Now I think this will not result in the desired outcome as listed above as the case of mixed fear causing units and terror leading fear causing units has not been answered. The 2 examples which spring to mind are salamanders adn wraith lieading skeletons.

Now salamanders are a fear causing unit, a 3 packs has unit strength 18 but only 9 of which are fear causing. Under the umbrella of unit strength of fear causing unit it will count as 18 for the purpose of autobreak.

Similar problem with terror causing monster in a fear causing unit when fighting another fear cauing unit.

e.g. 29 skeletons lead by a Wraith against 4 Orges. Now to the orges the skeleton unit is a fear causing unit due to the terror causing wraith, and hence can be autobroken.

That is how I see the new rule but am hoping am wrong as is a silly situation. What is wrong with a rule that just compares total unit strength of fear causing models! It not that hard (but I suppose you'd hear arguements about non fear causing riders etc etc!)

Just wondering if my interpretation of fear causing units behond units where everyone causes fear are correct and hence will result in the rules been payed as above