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Thread: Trish Morrison - an apology

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    Trish Morrison - an apology

    Well I suppose it had to happen sometime!!!

    From now onwards I shall be changing my Custom Title from "Disliker of Trish's work" to "Liker of Trish" .......... Until the next bad sculpt

    The story goes like this....

    At GD this year I met, and spoke to Trish Morrison (although she was hopefully unaware of who I was). Whilst I cannot say that I like any of Trish's work, I have to say that she is a fine woman, was very friendly, and seemed very passionate about what she did. To be honest I hope that when we see the release of whatever "monsters" she is working on for O&G they are good (she said she was working on stuff for O&G and that she was most known for working on monsters, so I am guessing she will be responsible for either or both of the Giant Spider or Giant Cave Squig - both mounts for Goblin characters in the new book), she is also rumoured to be working on Dire Wolves for VC.

    It will however take me some time to get over that abomination of a treeman
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