Ok, now ev've seen all them rules, and watched at least close to all the new miniatures. So what do you guys say? I've come to a few conclusions...

a) Wood Elves do have the most beautiful plastics ever done by GW. Honestly. The Dryads are great, but the true power lies with them Glade Riders! Who on Earth sculpted them? They're sooo pretty! Glade Guard is a great regiment to, but the new Elven steeds are just so good.

b) GW's gone dynamic. Anyone else out there that noticed the difference between the first character models for 6'th edition (Empire and Orcs) and the new Woodsies? Man, they're jumping! I wonder if this is a new trend that will continue through all the forthcoming races, or if it is elves-only... Once more: Who sculpted the characters, wardancers and waywatchers?

c) GW must have let one ***** do one job for an otherwise excellent range. Who did the Wild Riders? They're terrible! They look like something taken from one of the really old editions, static riders with both hands raised, holding a weapon in each hand. I swear, if they let Ally Morison in on that one, I'll never forgive them!

But that's just my personal thoughts. Please, post your own comments on the great new miniatures, and please, someone, answer my sculptor queries, please!