Who said thay can't be compatative ??? - This list is designed to take on all commers and it will be chacked tommarow - in my tournament - I'll post how it did.


Alter Highborn - annoyance , some ward , kb spear - 275 points ( I'll be testing diffrent combinations - basicly i want him to be able to support wardancers and take on enemy combat chars - so Kb would be very very nice - i'm concidering wardacer general also )

2x Spellsinger - 1x diss scroll each - and 2 lvl each

1x Nobel - scaut , peagen of shrikes , hunters talon

Together it is 720 points - but i think WE are one of the armys that will depend greatly on supportive roles of their chars - magic lore is great if used correctly and snipe hero disposes of scroll caddies.


2x10 Glade Guard
2x7 Scauts - WHY ??? Flee - thats the anwser - you have you'r cheepest fleer here
2x12 Dryads - why only 12 in unit ??? because thay are itp so wont run and i want them to be compact so thay wont be easy charge target


3xWarhawk ridders - because i can - and say what you want thay seem like great maschine and mage hunting unit - so i have sniper and warhowks

9 wardancers - dance with me

8 wild riders - with champion

rare - none

Thats exactly 2000 pts and 80 models - great deal from AD 4 diss 6 power good mage and warmashine hunting capability and lods of ways to divert and destroy enemy

What's you'r oppinions