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Thread: Dimensions of a Baneblade?

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    Question Dimensions of a Baneblade?

    Ok, so I'm surprised as heck it doesn't seem to have been asked yet (search found jack and squat) but what are the dimensions of a baneblade? Mostly looking for the width from the outside of one track assmbly to the other (not including sponson weapons) and length from front to back.

    Any one got a baneblade they could slap a tape measure next to for me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Dimensions of a Baneblade?

    I don't actually have a Baneblade but I do have IA 1. It contains dimensions for Imperial tanks. I could measure my Leman Russ to get its size, compare that to IA 1. Work out the scale and then use that with the Baneblade dimensions. This relies somewhat on the scale being consistent which probably isn't too likely.
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    Re: Dimensions of a Baneblade?

    Here you go

    9" long, 5.5" wide.

    And that's my Baneblade I'm talking about...
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    Re: Dimensions of a Baneblade?

    Cool, thanks

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