I currently have sitting in the depths of my attic 7 uncompleted - practically unstarted armies. I shelved my minis quite a while ago in favor of TES IV: Oblivion and WoW, as well as guitar. My car is quickly becoming my new main hobby, and I can see no better way to fund it than eventually selling off the armies I no longer want. I have decided to keep my Wood Elves, some of my Space Marines, my Eldar, and my Tyranids, and sell my Chaos, Dark Eldar, and Tau.

A quick inventory off the top of my head leaves me with the following list to sell:

1 Defiler
~15 assorted CSMs
5 Chaos Termies
1 Chaos Rhino

^ The above plus my Eldar came at a grand total of $20

1 old style Wraithlord
2 Warp Spiders
2 Warlocks (I have FOUR of the exact same pose )
Misc parts from a Warwalker and two Weapons Platforms

1 Landraider with too much spraypaint and a broken assault hatch
2 Rhinos I may or may not be keeping
1 Landspeeder
A few marines I won't be keeping for reasons listed below

7 Crisis suits in various states of disrepair
2 Broadsides, also in need of some epoxy work
9 old style Stealth Suits
Uncounted number of Fire Warriors
Some Kroot
1 Devilfish
Uncounted number of Drones

Uncounter number of Warriors, I would guess aorund 36
1 Raider
3 Jetbikes
1 Talos

Also a few 3rd ed Tyranids I want to get rid of

Next post = plans for the armies I am going to keep - Eldar, Tyranids, SM, and Wood Elves