Hello, all! With the spare parts from my Fallen Men project, I've begun work on my 28mm alter-ego, Gideon Sterne.

He's a Battle-Brother of Tactical Squad 1, 2nd (Battle) Company, Adeptus Astartes Warseers. Say hello:





Gideon carries a bolter, chainsword (Trust Your Battle-Brothers), two spare magazines, two krak grenades and two fragmentation grenades. All this comes to 21 points, and makes him WYSIWYG for any combination of wargear the Warseer player wishes to use: drop the frags and/or kraks, no worries, they just become decoration. The chainsword reminds the player of the TYBB rule, as well... I like the pose, too. Very "rar!"

He shall be painted forthwith. Comments and criticism welcomed. Please take the time to check out the Fallen Men, as well.