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Thread: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    Well i am Glad least most of you agree it is a wack thing to use with the special character.... without the special i agree it is fine, but man he is nasty.

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    You mean like Grimgor is nasty?
    Or Archaeon?
    Or A Bloodthirster?

    Just about evry race has an overpowered hero.
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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    its not that thork + anvil is over powered, its that he has the ability to ruin the game, or at least make in very unenjoyable for the opponent,

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    Thorek is hard, but I've beaten the sucker. Took me a unit of peg knights and a pegasus paladin to do it though. For armies without access to some beefy flyers or fast cav I can imagine the pain.
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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    I dont think hes that good, I am a dwarf player and just dont see him as a good option due to his cost and the fact your removing a key fighting element of your army out of the game. A dwarf Lord should be in the ranks of your troops winning combats, I'll agree that he can take units out but he costs the dwarfs alot in combat ability and troops. Its a bit like playing a combat dwarf army at 1500 with a few special rules chucked in.
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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    The special character is very good at multiplying the value of your heavy shooting. With a turn one Ancient Power, Thorek can both damage and slow down the fastest elements of the enemy.

    This almost automatically gives another round of shooting to your two units of thunderers; four bolt throwers; cannon and grudgethrower. The more shooting you have, the greater the effect of that one hammer-blow on the anvil.

    Given that the anvil does not need line of sight to work, it takes a minor miracle (or at least a highly specialized army) to engage Thorek in close combat on Turn 2.

    That, in particular, is when the anvil is not fun for the enemy.

    On its face, I think Thorek and his Super-Anvil is lesser evil when its used to facilitate a Dwarf attack army.

    - Gukal

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    On a side note can anyone who has the anvil of doom model let me what the diameter of the base is since I like the look of it but would rather build my own out of plasticard.

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    I've been using dwarfs for a few editions now and to be honest I've never liked the Anvil. It just doesn't seem dwarf-like to me. It calls down strange magical powers - these sound like bound spells which just isn't a dwarf thing. Also why would it be on a battlefield? These anvils are very rare. They are precious items that dwarfs would never want to risk loosing and would use only in the most dire situation.

    In terms of the game mechanics it seems very odd to have an item which has such a high rate of self-destruction - again un-dwarfy as far as I am concerned. Plus it doesn't seem to exist within the standard rules. It doesn't use normal targeting/range attacks nor is it a spell effect that can be dispelled.

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    Regular anvil can be dealth with. In the hands of a good player in can definitely change up the traditional dwarf army and surprise an opponent.

    Thorek is another matter altogether. An absolute abomination. I despise this special character completely. Sadly its one of the reasons so many have a low opinion of special character indeed often banning them outright. I cannot for the life of me imagine how it can be considered a good idea including him in an army book. Throw in terrain elements and Thorek sucks the fun right out of a game.

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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    Small point here-if a "regular anvil" can make a few 4+ dice rolls for the suicide overload setting reliably, it is every bit as bad as Thorek. Only difference is it can also eaily fail them and either do nothing or explode. So we have a warmachine/lord choice which is either overpowered or else completely useless. That isn't quite my idea of "balanced" and it *definitely* isn't in character for the dwarves.
    The other problem is just how much you give up by taking a runelord+anvil-the fighting power of a lord, what little fighting power the runelord has since he can't join units, and since the runelord doesn't even have leadership 10 the improved leadership of a lord general as well.
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    Re: Dwarf Anvil Of Doom And what I think about it...

    I actually just used Thorek for the first time over the past few days. I built my entire army around him.

    He is not over powered at all. Unlike other army special characters, Thorek is very random, and he can either help or hinder you.

    One game, he broke the rune wrong and couldn't be used for two turns. That game i managed to eek out a draw versus my opponent by 20 points.

    The second game, He worked every turn, and I beat my opponent down hard core. My opponent runs a Chariot TK army, and he is very gloatful that he has never lost to a dwarf player because "dwarves suck". And he is partly true.

    Lets be honest guys, don't blame the SC for a win, because the dwarven army is already on the downside of army book power.

    Oh my god, so the dwarves have something that actually allows them to attack,instead of being a block of no-moving units and blah blah warmachines. Sue us for having an actual different approach to making a dwarf army instead of "here I am, charge me". The dwarven book gives the player a million options to do the exact same thing, over and over.

    Atleast the dwarven book isn't overpowered like many other armies. Lizardmen, Skaven, Chaos, etc... Heck, Ogre Kingdoms throw dwarven armies around like candy.

    Whatever. Dwarven players actually have something that makes us in line with the big dog armies for a chance, but when we use Thorek, the very same people that assume dwarves are a joke cry. Big surprise there, welcome to the internet.

    If the dwarven army book as as disgustingly overpowered as some of the other army books out there and we still had Thorek, I would tend to agree, but as far as army-to-army balance is concerned, Thorek is perfectly fine to use.

    Thorek is 505 points for one thijng. Second, even with rerolls, he can still become useless due to Kraggi's rule for making the anvil mishaps chart even harsher. Thorek is a 505 point beast that can kill himself and isn't reliable every single turn.

    505 points for what? to make, on average, two units slow down and deal on average 7 str 4 hits to two units? Nothing any of our warmachines cannot do.

    Take two Earthshakers from the Chaos Dwarves and watch the earthshakers stop entire armies.

    Also, on a minor note, dwarves have NO magic to use, at all. People seem to forget that army books are balanced within themselves. The Anvil is the closest object we have for magic, but damn, what I wouldn't give for half the lore spells / army book lore spells instead of dealing some peddly str 4 hits sometimes that the anvil does.

    Most armies have a unit that is some sort of super object. Casket of Souls, Screaming bell, Couldron of Blood. The regular anvil is by far the weakest of all the super warmachines, but by making the Anvil a Thorek Anvil, it actually has SOME reliablilty when compared to the other super warmachines.


    And for the questions asked on page 1. Anvil neitehr casts magical spells or shoots in any way at all. The Anvil just happens, no way to stop it. Wrath and Ruin is only distributed like shooting, but the power isn't shooting. It just happens.
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