after reading Galvatron's thread in the 40K Background forum, "AdMech Praetorian Appearance / Capabilities?"
( i felt compelled to come up with some rules that describe how i see Praetorians, and how i think they could work on the battlefield/tabletop.

these are just rough, sketchy ideas, not fully formed rules - its not even my intention to use them, playtest them, make models for them or anything like that: i just wanted to put pen to paper and then discuss the ideas. hopefully, someone else may feel inspired - either way, it was fun just putting rules to the ideas.

i see Praetorians as fulfiling a number of battlefield roles:
- mobile test-beds for experimental weapons (tracked)
- shock troops (jointed mechanical limbs)
- bodyguards for Tech Priests (on foot)

in this post i will be concentrating on the first 2 types of Praetorians.

in my own personal version of the 40K Universe, Praetorians are either vatgrown giants or Ogryn and are heavily modified and augmented. they are mind-wiped (removing emotions etc) and reprogrammed to fulfil their battlefield role. they are valuable whilst still being reasonably expendable.

statwise, i have made mine a bit like cross between a Space Marine and an Ogryn.

************************************************** ******

Troop Type...WS...BS...S...T...W...I...A...Ld...Sv
Praetorian......4.....4....4....5...3...4...2...10 ...3+

(note: 3+ Sv represents their heavily armoured body, not Power Armour)

Unit Type: Infantry
Unit Size: 1-3 Praetorians of a single type (see below)

Special Rules:
Mindwiped: all Praetorians have the Feel No Pain & Fearless USRs.

Transport: Praetorians take up 2 spaces in Transports, instead of 1.

Praetorian Test-Bed Servitors:

Tracked: Slow & Purposeful USR

Advanced Targeting Subroutines:
Targeter & Auspex Wargear, Night Vision & Tank Hunter USRs

each Praetorian is armed with a single Experimental Weapon, chosen from the following list (all "Get Hot"):
- Heavy Bolter: Rending, counts as Twin-Linked
- Multi-Melta: Blast, Mastercrafted
- Plasma Cannon: Heavy 2 (Multiple Blast), Mastercrafted

These experimental versions of standard heavy weapons are bigger and either more powerful or have a higher rate of fire. pushing these weapons to their limits makes them more deadly, but this unfortunately makes them dangerous to the user too: they are more prone to jamming, misfiring or overheating (which is why they are fitted to Praetorian test-beds in the first place).

Praetorian Shock-Troop Servitors:

Jointed Mechanical Limbs: Fleet of Foot & Move Through Cover USRs

Each Praetorian is fitted for CC, as follows:
Mastercrafted Powerfist, additional CCW, Servo Arm, Auto-launchers (loaded with Frag Grenades), Combat Shield.

************************************************** ******

so thats it so far.
the Mastercrafting is more for fluff than anything else (IMO all AdMech weapons carried by anyone above "basic grunt" level should be Mastercrafted, for free, preferably).
rather than invent new rules or weapons i tried to make use of USRs and other special rules, as well as tweaking things slightly.
although the heavy weapons are experimental, i didnt want them to be as unpredictable as Orky creations, so no randomly determined stats etc.

so how about the final type, Techpriest Bodyguard Praetorians?
i was thinking they should have the Counter Attack USR and be fielded as Retinues. short to medium ranged firepower, some CC potential, but mainly defensive (Refractor Fields? Mancatchers?). prehaps some special rules to protect the Tech Priest in CC, like an Inquisitor's Acolytes, and/or even allowing the Techpriest to lose his IC status in CC (stopping him from being picked out). with such a small unit, Torrent of Fire could be a real concern, so the Acolyte rules would need to be used against shooting too.

thanks for reading my semi-coherent ramblings - if you have any comments, suggestions or constructive criticisms, please post them!
(and note, things like game balance and points costs arent really a concern, this is more of an excerise in using the rules to portray something new than creating a unit that can be used on the tabletop)


~ Tim