After such a great response on the pikeS thread i have decided to do a tactica does a budding paymaster make his mint?, what formations do you use? Anything relavent, just write it down!

A starting point.

in my humble opinion Dow have to be the hardest army, that i have played with, to date. why? because they arent obviosly brilliant at one thing. Everything you can think of is not as good as what you can buy individually in other armies! however that doesnt mean they take a beating because they have something more than any other army, perhaps empire come close, and that is a bit of everything. Balance and individuallity are key to a dow army, and this is the reason i like them so much!

in order to make this tactica make sense, i thought we might try something different. A topic every week discussed will end up becoming the dow essential conpendium!

ok, what to discuss first....if we start with avaliable choices from the list work through and then discuss tactics formations etc afterwards.

HERO CHOICES....what are your thoughts, combinations. who should they join with? i look forward to all your ideas. lee