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Thread: Band of Rotters - Sneazy Company (Plaguemarines)

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    Band of Rotters - Sneezy Company (Plaguemarines)

    A little bloggy of my own. It won't be updated very regularly, as my Plaguemarines are one of those little side projects that I work on whenever I get bored with my main army (WHFB Nurgle). Tonight I've picked the Band of Rotters up again after a five month pause ..... there's lots of inspiring Marine blogs over here which might have fueled my Marine love, hehe.

    Anyway, I'm building the army in small steps. My entire painted army so far is this small warband consisting of an HQ and two Troops:

    Some close-ups ...

    ... Lieutenant Cornelius Pox-spreader:

    ... and some quick-and-easy Wound Markers:
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    Band of Rotters, Sneezy Company (40K plog)

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