Hi y'all!

Recently I've become increasingly distressed with the Trait BSATW that's meant to replace the whole White Scars rules so I decided I would uncover the old rules and use them. Thanks to the guys who told me where they were, I have now obtained them.

But, I've got a few problems and I need some advice about how to solve them..:

Now, in the rules, you have to take some things for granted. As this was made using the older SM Codex, some things are missing. My first problem is that Bikers always used to have Bolt Pistols, as well and Frag and Bikes. This may not seem a problem at first glance, but one of the WS-only rules is that WS Bikers may take an additional CCW for a point. This means that Bikers are much better in combat as they have an extra attack and it is an important aspect of WS.

But, with no Bolt Pistols, this seems uselss. Now, as BPs are uslesss on Bikes, there are two things I could do to sort out this problem. Firstly, I could just say that they have the Bolt Pistol at no extra cost, thus making it flow nicely. Or, which would be more fair, I could pay two points for two CCWs. You opinions?

Now, here's another problem relating to the one above. With 4th Ed. SMs, you can take Attack Bikes in Bike Squads. This is fine and dandy until you get to the CCW rule. It states that all of the members without Special Weapons can take one and I was wondering if this could be passed on to Attack Bikes. My gut instinct says no, but I'd like your opinions.

That's the end of the problems but I'd like some advice on the next few things.

WS Bikes are very well priced, as they have all the normal Bike things as well as gaining the Skilled Rider, Counter-Attack and Hit & Run Special Rules. Another thing that WS get to have is the Power Lance. This is a Power Weapon at the cost of a Space Marine that gives you +1I on the charge or counter-charge. Nice bit of kit.

But, I'm having problems deciding over this or the Power Fist. For my HQ's, it's be the PL, though what should I do with my Vet. Serges? Also, with my Veteran Vet. Serges, they'll have Furious Charge and I think that the PL would be better suited - do you think I am correct?

With all these benefits, WS do have some restrictions. Firstly, all infantry must be transported, sans Command Squads and Veteran Squads which can be mounted. Choosing is difficult, so once again, your advice is welcomed.

Troops: I thought I'd start with these as they are the main thing of an army. What I was planning to do was to have 10 man squads (allowed) with an Attack Bike weilding an HB, with a Plasma Gun and a Melta-Gun. There would be a Vet. with a PF/PL as well. All would also have 2 CCWs. This would be the basic template for my whole army as I have already decided and found out that the two Special Weapons work together.

But, the problem I have is whether I should have a Multi-Melta or a Heavy Bolter on my Attack Bike. The HB provides a good anti-GEq gun, while the MM would provide Anti-Tank plus Anti-MEq.

BTW, I might use a Tactical Squad and also I've got some Scouts with Snipers to use, which I will.

The last thing is about grenades. Either I could have a Melta-Bomb on the Vet. or I could give Kraks to all the squad. Melta's to the whole squad is too much - Opinions?

Basically large Veteran squads with a Power Weapon and Lightning Claws, with a Vet. with a PL, at full squad size. Then follows template. Bear in mind that I'm not sure about thw PL and a PF might be better on the Vet. Anything wrong?

Just to say, no Termies for me as they need to be transported in a LR, and i don't particularily want them anyway.

Fast Attack: This is pretty much sorted. Assault Squadrons are out as normal Bike can tak up their role, and they are pansies. Scout Bikers are out as even though they can always start in Reserves and come on from any edge - it's not good enough IMO. So, it's Landspeeders. I plan to have three squads, one with pure Landspeeder of the Tornado variety, with Ass. Cannons; one with two Ass. Cannons and a Typhoon; and the last will have three with MMs and HFs. Yum! Too cheesy? :cheese:

HQ: With HQs, all are viable choices. Firstly, I think Command Squads are a must, as it allows the IC to gain from the Veteran Skills as well. These are also handy as they make a great cross between shooty and CCy, with Champions and two Special Weapons. I think with the Vet. Serge should have a PF though I'm not sure. I'd have a full command (10 models) minus the extra IC and the Standard Bearer. Onto the IC's.

Captain - He's good as he's nothing special. CCW and a PL should fair him well and still make him horrible in combat.

Chaplain - The problem with this is that he's already got a PW. This puts me off as giving him a PL would negate the use of this. Apart from that, he'd be great as he boosts the whole Command Squad with his Liaties of Hate rule.

Libraian - The utter dastard of SM. Give him Veil of Time, a Familiar and a PL, you can get 6 St5 I8 Power Weapon attack on the charge, re-rolling everything! But, it's very expensive. Plus, the Force Weapon goes to waste...

(Side note: I also plan to put Combat Shields on everything I can - they're great!)

What do you think?

Heavy Support/Infantry: This is where WS is great - you get all the tanks! What I plan to do, is to have a mass of Bike rolling forwards with a small amount of tanks at the rear, blasting away. I plant to use two Annihalators with HB sponsons and a Whirlwind with Castellan missiles, as it sounds good at blocking off enemies. Might change a Pred to a Destructor.

I plan to also put a couple of Tactical Squads into Razorbacks and give them a Lascannon or a Missile Launcher for support, with HB's on the 'Back. It'll hopefully work well. Too much?

Whew...That's me tired...Thanks for all the replies and I get and thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to play with this modified list as it look great fun. Hopefully my opponents don't refues to play!