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Thread: Eldar Craftworld Table

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    Eldar Craftworld Table

    Eldar Craftworld Table

    I thought some might be interested in an Eldar Craftworld terrain project I did for my own entertainment.

    >Use these tips at your own risk! Use your common sense!<

    Like most terrain, it is created from construction grade extruded Styrofoam. I don’t go into much detail on actually putting it together.

    After cutting, sanding, and gluing the pieces together, drew on a drawer full of beads and buttons I’ve collected to look for waystones. I was able to extract the centers of about a dozen buttons giving me a number of hemispheres that could be made into jewels. The backs were clipped off with metal clippers and they were hot-glued on.

    I then put on sweeping, curving, semi-circular patterns on the walking areas with a sharpie, creating a slight indentation. The idea was that these would show up with drybrushing. However, since I went with an acrylic spray to completely cover the piece I had to paint on the patterns manually.

    Presently, the terrain was blackened with black housepaint, followed by a heavy drybrush of Burnt Umber.

    Now, two test pieces were created, one drybrushed traditional style that had a weathered, ancient look and another based with butter-colored acrylic spray then spray-highlighted with ivory. After much debate and polling, I decided to go with the newer-looking terrain.

    The spraypaint used was Design Master Butter Crème and Ivory.

    Spraying the terrain was an unpleasant affair, that would much better be done outside. I found it a temptation to hold the can really close to get a thorough coat, but this made the spraypaint run. Much better to put on two even coats at a more reasonable distance.

    After the Butter Crème I sprayed the extremities and high areas with ivory.

    Once those were dry it was on to the fun part: detailing. A brown wash (ink and Vallejo Chocolate Brown) for the curvy patterns. For the jewels, I decided to go with one of my favorite Vallejo colors, Scurf Green. I think they would have looked delightful in a deep red, too.

    If I had it to do over again I would:
    · Be careful to keep the larger pieces straight.
    · Base coated with brown housepaint rather than black with a brown drybrush (since it was re-coated with spraypaint anyway)
    · Waited until summer and did the spraying outside.
    · Made it much more elaborate and larger (I’m going to buy some two inch thick styro for the next shot).

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    The last pic, is this WIP or fineshed? Because it looks amazing, just not quite done. For some reason I think lush jungle overgrowth when I think eldar, so my suggestion would be putting few vines here and there with some shrubs, give it a little color. Maybe some scorch marks where the buildings are broken, or at least a slight change in shade to show the difference between the outer wheathered area and the inner material.

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    I like it, althou I'd use those terrain bits as Eldar ruins on some abadoned world

    did you make a warp gate?

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    Very nice indeed!!

    I agree with FraustyTheSnowman, allthough less of it, I have always imagined craft worlds as having plants dotted arround.

    Just out of interest will these be mounted on a themed base or left seperate? Personaly I think they would look great on a large base of the same colour with the same brown lines!

    Great work though!

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table


    jut wow

    is it going to be a cityish landscape? the bits inbetween buildings look very much like possible roads

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table


    Seriously, this is so ******* awesome, I love it already!
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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    While good, it still looks like it's in the extremely early phases and very incomplete. In addition, the 'buildings' lack function. What are these? Monuments, Memorials, street dividers? What's their purpose? Those are my only gripes...

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    Nice looking terrain, screw function add some plants as other's have said and ur golden. peace

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    Very cool terrain.
    I'll be watching this thread to see where it goes. Keep up the good work, I love all blue table painting threads.

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    Re: Eldar Craftworld Table

    While the bases are fine, I would try to get the vertical parts of the ruins less thick, square and blocky. Eldar buildings should be slim with rounded, natural forms, even if that means more sanding work and buying a slimmer board. Currently they resemble more Tau ruins
    Here an example, that I use as Eldar terrain:
    Other Xeno terrain examples here (post #35):
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