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    Emperor's Children ~ The Long Road Back

    Firstly, updates won't be too often, averaging half a model a month at the moment, hope to kick that up to two, or even three, though.

    Well, a bit of history then. After seven years of gaming, collecting, painting, stripping and painting again I finally had what I considered a "complete" Slaanesh themed Chaos force painted to my, then, best standards and was thinking of, finally starting another army. (I believe it was nearing five figures in thousands of points with the final addition of my own scratchbuilt Titan) Enter an utter disaster, when on display they went flying across the floor closely followed by a full bookcase on top.

    May have been able to salvage some, but I didn't pin models at the time, end result was a lot of lost pieces, a lot of damage and total lack of any motivation so I stripped the lot, dumped the broken plastic, sold off some and put the rest into a box in the attic.

    Around Three/four years to cool down and ready to make a go once more. Sadly I have now very little free time, two minis in four months so far, and plan to use the project to push my painting skill as far as I can to hopefully improve and perfect some techniques. In any case looking at around 2 years for a 1500 Point Force I imagine, so hoping to use this as motivation and something to look back fondly upon when done. In need of some goals I believe;

    • Finish a "Display Quality" army.
    • Learning Freehand and NMM are two main aims
    • Perhaps source lighting and, as a follow on from that, natural shading and highlights (My style tends to be rather "cartoony" given I've only ever painted Slaanesh Marines and the odd Daemonette).
    • Make a decent display base or two.
    • Would like at the end of two years to have enough skill to take a mini to games day and make the cut. (Unlikely, but won't get anywhere not aiming high!)

    So, onto the minis!

    Blastmaster Marine (Colour Test #1)

    This was a quick, very rough colour test, adding pink to my old scheme for the first time as I planned for pure Emperor's Children rather than Slaanesh Themed Chaos with this Force. The end result wasn't great, as expected, but more worrying than the finish the colours just did not seem to gel at all. 10-15 hours for this guy I believe it was, almost entirely spent trying to get the shade of pink right with a lot of repainting.

    Sonic Blaster Marine (Colour Test #2)

    Made a go at NMM for mixed results, settled on the shoulder pad option and think one or two more models should see it perfected. At least there's one goal on it's way!

    Removing some of the blue on the mini near or above pink, as well as more black and the purple highlights all worked well. Getting very close to the final colour scheme now I think, just NMM tweaking and perhaps changing the gun head colour to black or metal. Probably took close to 30 hours which means around 45 being the standard when putting my all into one. (I did say I was slow). Perhaps one mini a month isn't too conservative an estimate, I'm hoping (praying!) I can paint the much simpler daemonettes a lot faster.

    Well there we go, result for the months of July, August, September, November and December. Currently working on the final (I hope) Colour test marine and my first Daemonette colour test. Be glad if one is done by Late February, even less time these two months, may throw up the odd picture when I get a few hours to work on an area/colour, here's hoping this gives me some motivation. I'm going to bloody need it! ;)
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