Hello all,

I've been tossing around ideas for at least 15 armies and Necromunda gangs for the last couple of months without getting anything done, and between school/college prep and my inability to get past the planning stage of my projects, I was on the verge of accepting defeat and giving up the hobby. I have seen the light, however, and have decided to go full steam on two main projects. I hope that posting my stuff here will a) force me to keep at it and get a fully-done army eventually and b)maybe give some of you a bit of inspiration.

I'm planning on doing two armies at once: Blood Pact and a smaller Vostroyan force. Since I'm also a dyed-in-the-wool Imperial nut, I'll try to do a bunch of stuff from each institution of the Imperium. I can't promise constant updating, but I'll give it my best go.

Ok, here we go.

Test models for the Blood Pact. It's hard to tell, but their armor has a lot of nicks and damage and some Khornate runes gouged into the shoulder pads.

And on the other side, a PIP of my Vostroyans

Sorry about the pics - I'm not very good at all this technology stuff, and taking photos is still kind of a guessing game for me, but I'll work on it. Gah wtf! When I previewed the post, I saw those big white stripes around the piccies -what do I do about them?

Thanks, and C&C is welcome.