alright, so here goes my first project log!

For starters I want to lay down some things that you, my lovely viewer, should know. As someone who has somewhat recently started playing 40k, and has just embarked on the modelling/painting journey, I'm afraid my skills are still very much lacking.

I dont have any Greenstuff, and so I wont be making any of those awesome conversions, and I'm afraid my highlighting/drybrushing skills are still underdeveloped so you probably wont see too interesting of paint jobs (at least not for a while).

So now that I've explained my situation, lets get on to the actual army. So far I have a good number of models, and spiffy new case to carry them in . I've decided to create an Eldar army based off of the Altansar fluff, but have decided to just forgo the given paint scheme and come up with my own. the scheme will be a base of Chaos Black, with Midnight Blue being the primary color (making a neat purple when done over the black). The secondary will be gore red, and all the parts that would ordinarily be Eldars extravagent gold and the like will instead be a more fitting boltgun metal (you'll see what I mean )

Another note is that due to Altansars situation (i.e. being trapped in the Eye of Terror) I'm going to try and give them a really war-torn, scarred, mud n' blood spattered sort of look. So I cant post anything yet, but I will try and get a picture of all my unfinished models up, and will give you guys updates from here. If there are any suggestions about modelling/painting tips, especially related to this army, they would be really appreciated (although I may not take all suggestions, I definitely appreciate hearing them). So just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.