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Thread: WIP - Heads or Tails ( building two armies for the price of one )

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    WIP - Heads or Tails ( building two armies for the price of one )

    Okay, need to come back to this a little later. For the time being though I wanted to get this up and running.

    The idea is to use only one set of minis and vehicles, but build two different armies - Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.

    I'm already working on the background for both armies, and I already know the look I want - at least for troops and transports...

    -- Chaos Space Marines with Black Templar upgrades
    -- Chaos Space Marines Rhino with Black Templar upgrades

    -- Color scheme is red, tan, and gold - with hints of green.

    The tricky part of course is determining the mirrored lists. I want a Librarian to cross over to a Sorcerer Lord, and a Commander to cross over to a Lieutenant. Not interested in Fast Attack outside of a few bikes perhaps, rather more focus on Troops and Heavy Support. Elite choices can be hit or miss since I'm only looking to build in the range of 1500 to 1750.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would help. Keep in mind that a little bit of counts as might be needed - ie Assault Marines could cross over to Possesed with Daemonic Flight. Obviously there are a few models which cannot be taken - ie Defiler and Land Speeder since the two do not coexist in SM and CSM, and even counts as would be difficult.
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