Back in high school I started to make my second Empire army, having sold the first one. I was sitting in history class when the teacher mentioned something about burning witches, and I thought it'd be a great theme for an army, witch hunters that is. I perused the internet for various sources of information and found a couple that were to my liking, namely names of historically known witch hunters that I could use for my characters.

Flash forward almost 4 years later, the new Empire army book comes out and my good old religiously zealous and crazed nutjobs are still unfinished. Having finished my Sons of Guilliman, I thought "what better reason to finish them than having just completed another army?"

As you may or may not have seen, I have done some work on them before this log, namely my Witch Hunter General, who is still debating whether or not to put on his hat.

Here is what I have completed thus far:

3 of my heroes


Warhounds - countsas Free Company


...more pics to come