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Thread: 2.000 Tomb Kings Tournament Army List

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    2.000 Tomb Kings Tournament Army List

    Fantasy Army: Tomb Kings
    The first I'll tell you is that i'm not an english speaker so it's probably that I'll say wrong things along the thread. Don't worry if I do. XD

    On the one hand I have to tell that this army list has actually won 3 tournaments and has been tested a lot in the battle ground. Also I have to advise you that is not the typicall TK army list that you can found on the forums.

    On the other hand, the same way i'm very proud of this list, I have to admit that it isn't the definitive army o something like that, but it can give a very nice surprise to your oponent if he isn't prepared. Furthermore it's a tournament list, so the people who I play to is not especificatly prepared against this list.


    1 Tomb king, chariot, shield, light armour, pectoral of sha-pesch and skulls flail. (It's included on the chariot unit which have the Sacred eye banner.)
    It costs 291 pts.

    I use this character as a commander, hero, dragon, treeman, giant, and other multiple wound miniature KILLER, it is also usefull in challenges taking usually a +5 Combat resolution and it is also usefull against ogre units or similar units. On the other hand, their incantations are very usefull, because when I want this unit to charge, all the icantations except the prince one, will come to this unit, and also having the hieratic jar, I can ensure the charge


    1 Tomb Prince, chariot, shield, flail, light armour, fire chariot. (It's included in the other chariot unit).
    It costs 176 pts.

    It give the punch the chariot unit needs and also he provides it with an extra incantation.

    1 Liche Priest, cloak of dunes, hieratic jar.
    It costs 160 pts.

    This is my hierofant, and as you sure know, the cloak of dunes is perfect to make him very difficult to catch, it usually starts in the esqueleton unit, but then he uses the light horsemen to hide and also the terrain or the carrions.

    1 Liche Priest, squeleton steed, 2 dispell scroll.
    It costs 173 pts.

    Core Units:

    20 esqueletons. = 160 pts

    They are used to shoot the first turns to the light cavalary also frightening the sorcerers to stay in their units where they are a easy target when the unit recives a charge. Also, when some enemy unit which is resistant to the S3 shoots of the skeletons is in the range to charge to this unit, I simply reorganize them into 5x4 and they are used as a bis spawn which can stop strong units, waiting one of my combat units to atk the enemy unit by the flank

    5 light horsemen = 70 pts
    5 light horsemen = 70 pts

    I use this units to be sacrifised redirection charges of heavy cavalrys, make the fury units uncontrolable or staying at the back of my army helping me to protect my two liches.

    3 chariots with the sacred eye banner = 190 pts

    With the tomb king they become the stronguest unit in my army, they combine the movement of a light cavalary with 16" of charge movement instead of the incantations of extra movements to hit be very fast in the important movements and kill of a flank without lots of help.

    3 chariots with banner = 140 pts

    Including the prince on it, and with some help of the incantations and other units this unit becomes the second strongest unit in my army and normally, if the other chariot unit is in one flank, this unit is in the other, fighting with the weak enemy flank.

    Especial Units:

    1 Tomb scorpion = 85 pts
    1 Tomb scorpion = 85 pts

    They usually use the special rule to appear by the ground and kill the machines or take the cavalry flank, also making a psycologic damage on the oponent. They can afford 10 member's shoot units. They also can take mages by surprise.

    3 carrion = 72 pts

    I like this little unit a lot, they can charge in my first turn using the incantations, and it normally doesn't like to the enemy who waste 1 dispell scroll and/or a lot of dispell dices. In some cases they can be sacrifised to not to allow a charge, or they can fly after the enemy troops to not allow them make double movement. They can be a shield of shoots to the hierofant if it's necessary becoming their flying guards XD.

    Rare Units:

    1 Bone Giant = 220 pts
    1 scream skull catapult with enemy bones = 110 pts

    Total = 2000 pts

    As I said I use a nearly total offensive strategy using my chariots and the giant as iron punch which break enemy's flanks.

    I also can w8 some turns to enter in combat If play against CaC lists while their units recive shoots and waste dispell scroll trying the catapult not to shoot twice in a turn.

    Against defensive army lists I can arrive very fast using the incantations, and with the scorpions and the carrions I can kill easily the most dangerous machines while I wait with my chariots or/and my giant. The cannons are espcially dangerous as well the dwarfs bolt throwers with S7.

    I also get very worried when a dragon ogre unit is on my front, but I have a lot of practise with that type of units.

    By the way, i'm sure it has a lot of wrong things, but I like it a lot, what's your opinion about it?
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    Re: 2.000 Tomb Kings Tournament Army List

    i would drop the bone gaint and add more chariots or those units may get a bit shot up

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    Re: 2.000 Tomb Kings Tournament Army List

    I really like this list and i don't think i would change anything. Good work for not concentrating on making all your units really bit which most of my opponents always do, i always thought they concentrated a little too much on having units they could bring back, rather than having some units which could be wiped out. I like the balance of the army as well, a bit of shooting but plenty of units which your magic can manoeuvre well to devastating effect.

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