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    FWs Death Korps of Krieg line

    FWs range for the Death Korps of Krieg.

    Now we will take a look at what DkOk still NEEDs, what we WANT, and finally DREAM off...
    If you have any suggestions of your own, please post here. I will also browse the regular newsletter debates and take up any suggestions there.

    Death Korps of Krieg Siege List and Rules in Imperial Armour 5

    Project logs on the Death Korps of Krieg
    - Cripplers "SMALL" DKoK army
    - Krieg 37th Heavy Panzer Division. "S" company by "Still learning" + Showcase
    - Krieg kampfgruppe by Ritterkreuz1
    - Krieg filled goodness by DaCone2
    - Inquisitorial Krieg by KayvaanShrike
    - Krieg 21st Panzer Division by Aalok
    - 501st 'Isenhertz/Isenblut' by Baron von Lexus
    - 9th Siege Infantry Regiment by Colonel Stagler
    - The 568th Regiment by T-Hawk (See the Mortar!)
    - The 49th Siege Regiment by Darkane
    - Mixed DKoK Forces by Drogmir
    - Varaths Death Korps...City Style
    - Death Korps army by Binky
    - Dio´Ras Death Korps army, painted by Microartstudio
    - 142nd Regiment WiP by Everett
    - A converted Krieg army by LemanRuss
    - Two Krieg Armies by BrotherAtrox and Oberst Morte

    Rule & FAQ issues:
    - Grenadiers as troop choice
    - Grenadiers units (6+) to move in two Centaurs

    - HQ: Master Vox
    - Death Rider Command Squad
    - Grenadiers: plasmagun
    - Grenadiers: demolition charges
    - Infantry: vox casters
    - Engineers: special weapons
    - Rules: Trench Warfare
    - Rules: Engineers

    - Charging Death Riders
    - Atlas Excavator
    - Arms and Weapons upgrade pack (including all special weapon choices)
    - Snipers (be serious: trench warfare WITHOUT snipers???)
    - Infantry Trench Raiders (with shield, shotgun and other cc-equipment - use Engineers?)
    - Infantry manning trench (defensive shooting)
    - Infantry digging trench (trench equipment, laying barbed wire, etc)
    - Infantry squad fighting
    - Special characters
    - A penalty unit, to be used as recruits
    - Trenches: t-junction, x-junction
    - RULES: Grenadiers as Troop selection (one per platoon)
    - RULES: Moving one Grenadier squad in two Centaurs
    - Rapier Laser destroyer
    - Chimera upgrade kit (for Trojans, Basilisk, etc)

    Note: additional minis can be releases as upgrade packs or in smaller quantities, there is no need to make full squads for all.

    - Bombard platform
    - Priests
    - AA Gun
    - Land Crawler based transport
    - Land Crawler based light tank
    - Missile Launcher Team
    - Trench Raider aircraft (heavy armour, very short range, eg an Arvus variant)
    - Termite (tunneler equipment)
    - Ragnarok tank

    If you have more needs and wants, or found other rule quirks, post here or let me know.

    And here is what we alread have:

    FWs Death Korps of Krieg

    IA5 - The Siege of Vraks
    IA6 - The Siege of Vraks II

    - Command HQ Squad
    - Quartermaster and Retinue
    - Commissar, another Commissar, a tank riding Commissar, and a mounted Commissar

    Troops: Infantry, Cavalry & Transports
    - Platoon Command Squad
    - Infantry Squad advancing
    - Infantry Squad at ease
    - Infantry Squad firing
    - Infantry Platoon (50) standing / the Gorgon loadout
    - Heavy Weapon teams: Mortar, Autocannon, Heavy Stubber, Heavy Bolter, Lascannon
    - Gorgon Assault Transport (with mortars)
    - Weapon and Equipment Packs

    Grenadiers & Transports
    - Squad, Heavy Flamer, Meltagun and Heavy Stubber
    - Centaur Light Assault Carrier

    Specialist troops
    - Death Rider Cavalry and Commissar
    - Engineers
    - Engineer Mole Launcher
    - Hades Breaching Drill

    Leman Russ variants
    Alpha Pattern (AP), Phaeton Pattern (PP), Annihilator (AP), Demolisher (AP), Exterminator (AP), Executioner (AP), Vanquisher (AP)

    Field Artillery
    - Heavy Mortar with Crew
    - Quad Launcher Thudd Gun with Crew
    - Centaur Artillery tractor

    Heavy Artillery
    - Medusa Siege Gun on Carriage
    - Earthshaker Gun on Carriage
    - Heavy Artillery Crew and sets

    Superheavy Tanks
    - Macharius
    - Macharius Vanquisher
    - Macharius Vulcan
    - Valdor Tank Hunter
    - Malcador assault tank male
    - Malcador assault tank female
    - Malcador tank hunter Annihilator
    - Gorgon assault transport
    - Minotaur

    Superheavy Tanks: Baneblade Variants & Upgrades
    - Arkurian Pattern Shadowsword
    - Arkurian Pattern Stormsword
    - Arkurian Pattern Stormblade
    - Arkurian Tank Upgrade
    - Superheavy tank upgrade pack

    Trenches and Trench equipment
    - Trench Overview
    - Building Tutorial
    - Trench System includes: Straight, Corners (3 joins), Trench End with Gun Mount, Trench End with Ladder, Bunker, Support Struts, Equipment, Ladders & Bridges, Stubber & Autocannon with Crew (3)

    - Weapon and Equipment Packs
    - Tank Commander 1
    - Tank Commander 2, Engine Filters, Trench Rails
    - Turret Upgrades
    - Decal Transfer Sheet

    While we are at it, take also a look at this debate and list for Krieg-like models from alternative companies...
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