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Thread: (Nightmare Before Christmas)-Themed Vampire Army

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    (Nightmare Before Christmas)-Themed Vampire Army

    So I am going to make a Nightmare before Christmas themed Vampire army for my girlfriend. It will have all of the characters in the movie. I will decide on some being mages of characters (Jack Skeleton obviously being the vampire count).
    So even before deciding on the list I have started to sculpt some of the characters that I know will be part of zombie/skeleton/whatever units.

    First off I sculpted the guy with an axe in his head. I figured he taked the axe out when he uses it so he is holding it right now

    He looks a little different from the movie but its my spin on the character. The wound and stitches will be painted on in case you're wondering.

    So now i'm not sure who to sculpt next.


    edit: can anyone help me with posting images from photobucket? I thought i knew how but i guess not...thanks!
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