Well I suppose it's come to this... been working on a Chaos Undivided army for a couple of years now and had it all pretty much finished and painted... so obviously I did the only sensible thing and decided to start the whole thing again from scratch!!!

Only after stripping the paint off half my army and cutting the other half up for spares did I realise the error I had made but it was too late.

anyways the new army is coming along nicely but slowly... I'm kinda hoping some positive feedback will spur me on to finish the job I started so foolishly. I kinda want to get at least 2000pts done by the beginning of the Summer campaign (there I said it.. now I can look at this post in 5 months having painted three models and laugh at how young an niaeve I once was)

The idea behind the army is they are the remnants of a chaos tribe that were all but wiped out so became a band of raiders... picking up whoever joins them as well as whatever equipment they can lay their hands on (I have a more detailed background written but I'll share that later)

Anyways I give you what will hopefully come to be (someday) the Gerudan War-Wolves...

1st Pic.... WIP Aspiring champion (and proxy general until the armie's a bit bigger and can accomodate a Lord.. I have big plans for a guy in a chariot. doesn't have a name yet but he's based (obviously) on the Empire general kit with some chaos warrior, marauder, militia and greenstuff (oh and a lot of filing... damn imperial iconography!!!) ... the idea behind it (I hope quite obviously) is an imperial hero turned to chaos (usual story family wiped out becomes dissillusioned gods speak to him blah blah blah). when finished he's gonna be pretty much the same colour scheme as the rest of the army but perhaps with slightly shinier armour.

next up.. chaos knights ... not much to be said here, they do what they say on the tin. these are pretty much the only survivors from my last army although re-based and touched up a little.

next up, marauders. The idea behind these guys is they've been slogging around the Empire during and after the SOC and have had to improvise weaponry a bit... so they've picked up weapons, shields and armour from pretty much who-ever they can find (and kill).. this will (eventually) become a regiment of twenty... with about a 50/50 ratio marauder shields to 'other) mostly empire but some brettonian, dwarf and a few others here and there

next up WIP chaos sorcerer... not much to say except i was amazed at how well the old Hero-quest sorcerer fits in with a regiment of marauders