I was cleaning my closet out for the first time in years when I found my old Mordheim book. Now, I've used the ruins for years in 40k but have never played a game, and am thinking about starting a campaign w/ my friends. What I'd love is to get the benefit of the veteran's knowledge here. Are there any revisions to the rules I should know about? I looked briefly at the specialist games site but it seemed their rulebook was the same as my 1st printing one w/ a couple warbands added. Did I miss something?

Also, is there any commonly accepted house rule changes I should make to fix any glaring errors? I'd only be playing w/ friends and we commonly change stuff for D&D and other games. One thing I noticed while reading is that armor seems really expensive for not much gain.. which seems lame. Any changes that could fix this? Or any other problems I may not have noticed? I'll probably play undead, friends have expressed interest in norsemen, witchhunter, and possibly cult of possessed bands. Any advice to a group starting out would be great.. we loved Gorkamorka back in the day and I hope we get into Mordheim as well.