Hi there! please check my list out i'm going to a friendly turney :

-Spellweaver: lvl 4 dispell scroll, callaigor's stave, elven steed.

-Noble: Wardancer Kindred, blades of loec.

-Noble: Wild rider kindred, sword of might, murdred of spites.

-Noble: Elven steed, light armour, shield, spear, helm of the hunt, hail of doom arrow.

-12 Glade Guard

-12 Glade Guard

-5 Glade Riders w/music and lider

-5 Glade Rider w/music and lider

-9 Wardancers w/music and lider

-7 Wildriders w/Full command, magic banner Saemrath.

-10 Waywatchers w/ lider

I use the usual tactic with wood elves, dance arround the enemy while the archers eliminate cannons, mages, or just decimate enemy lines.