Well, thanks for all the comments everyone. I thought it was about time I showed some updates for this army. I am planning on taking this army to the Damocles Gulf Crusade event at warhammer world in May, so I am having to get my ass in gear to be ready for it.

Current schedule is to have infantry (FW, drones and stealths) done by end of christmas, leaving me to build 15 crisis suits and a scratch built Orca for May. It might be a tough squeeze, but I'm not going to rush things.

First updates I'll show you are the two finished fire warrior squads. Most have been converted in some way. Apologies for the shinyness on the images, they were done under artificial light. Also, the bare head doesn't come out so well in the photo, but it has more contrast in RL.

Squad consolidating:

Squad Advancing: