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Thread: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Farsight Cadre and scratchbuilt Orca Log

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    Re: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Army test models and transforming stealth suit (death to 56

    More updates!

    Again I apologise for the picture quality, I'll do some better ones with my proper camera when they are painted.

    Here are some WIP shots of the rest of the stealth team I finished last night. All are converted in some way. The heads have been cut and repositioned tilted left /right and the arms and legs have also been repositioned. I am slightly unhappy with the fingers on the crouching guy - he is supposed to be touching the rock to 'sample' it for his active camouflage, but I'm not sure I got the pose quite right. It's too much effort to pull him apart and re-do now though.

    I really like the one peering around the rock though, he is my favourite

    What do you think?
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