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Thread: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Farsight Cadre and scratchbuilt Orca Log

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    Re: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Army test models and transforming stealth suit (death to 56

    Ok, here we go. WIPs of Crisis suit numeros two and three:

    These two suits are going in the same squad as the first one posted back on page 1. The unit is armed with missile pods and burst cannons, and the Shas'Vre with a cyclic ion blaster and missile pod. These two I have done extensive conversion cutting and pinning the leg and arm joints. The arm and weapon positions are only blu-tacked in place at the moment so aren't aligned perfectly. I will glue them fully after some playtesting to make sure I am happy with the weapon combos.

    Eventually all the suits in this army will be converted like this.

    What do you think?

    More to come soon! (I have 13 suits left to build!)
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