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Thread: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Farsight Cadre and scratchbuilt Orca Log

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    Talking Re: GrahamGilchrist's Tau Army test models and transforming stealth suit (death to 56

    Hi everyone.
    More updates today. Work continues apace on the crisis suits for my farsight cadre.

    Here are some WIPs of the next crisis team, a deepstriking unit armed all with twin-linked fusion blasters and a couple of flamers. This unit is for apocalypse tank hunting. They are 'supposed' to look like the are landing from a drop/jetpack jump.
    (apologies for poor picture quality, they are only WIPs and I did them at night on a cameraphone)

    I'll try and get some group army shots at the weekend to show you current progress

    Go in peace for the greater good.
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